December Holidays 1-31
14th December 2018
Check out December Holidays That You Can Create Some Designs Based On the Holidays all Over The World! Sat, December 1 Inauguration day Mexico National Holiday Sat, December 1 Restoration of Independence Portugal National Holiday Sat, December 1 National holiday Romania National Holiday Sat, December 1 Republic Day Central african republic Public Holiday Sat, December […]
Price low and worry about tiering up first
18th November 2018
PRICE LOW AND WORRY ABOUT MONEY LATER Everyone has their own two cents about how to price at the lower tiers, but I’m telling you from experience to price low, tier up quickly, and get ahead on Merch while it’s still so new. In my first month on Merch (June) I averaged a whopping $1.8 […]
Colours Are Very Important For your Merch By Amazon Business!
3rd November 2018
Colors In Merch By Amazon Colours are Huge part of Merch By Amazon Platform. Colours can help you get a sale from the costumer, so you have to put the right colours for your designs. When choosing the colour for your designs be really careful, and chose the colour that displays your designs in the […]
November Holidays
2nd November 2018
Here are some of the November Holidays To Make Some Great T-Shirts TO Sell. Please share this page!   1 All Saint’s Day 1-2 Dios Los Muertos 1 Men Make Dinner Day – first Thursday of Month 2 All Soul’s Day 2 Deviled Egg Day 2 Look for Circles Day 2 Plan Your Epitaph Day 3 Book Lovers Day – first Saturday of the month […]
How To Promote Your Products On AMS In Merch By Amazon
21st October 2018
Promote Your Merch We are excited to announce that Amazon Advertising (formerly Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)) is launching for select Merch by Amazon accounts! We are gradually rolling this out to the broader Merch community, but if you see a unique code on the bottom “Advertise your Merch” module of your Merch dashboard, your account […]
What is Merch Collab The New Amazon Program?
18th October 2018
What is Merch Collab? Merch Collab is a new licensing program where brands collaborate with qualified designers and manufacturers to create the world’s largest selection of branded merchandise for fans. Merch Collab makes licensing as easy as “Buy now with 1-click”, brands simply approve and promote products. Amazon tracks sales and pays out royalties. Application process Who qualifies as […]
November 2020
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