This year, more than ever, student accommodation has been a topic of concern, anxiety and confusion for so many. Our latest survey reveals the realities that students are facing. Credit: Monkey Business Images (background) – Shutterstock The National Student Accommodation Survey explores issues related to students' living situations each year. But in the five years […]
Recipe boxes bring new and exciting meals to your front door every week, and new subscription services seem to pop up all the time. Here are our top picks, plus the best introductory offers. Credit: blackzheep (background) – Shutterstock We all get bored of our usual repertoire of meals every now and then, but spending […]
Many of us know Amazon as a handy site where you can buy just about anything you need. But to some, it's so much more than that – it's an amazing opportunity to make money. Here's how. Credit: – Shutterstock It's no secret that Amazon is a very convenient website for shoppers. What's less […]
Burger King is a go-to favourite for students, so we've hacked the menu to show you guys how to get free and heavily discounted food. Credit: Burger King UK – Burger King Even the most die-hard fan of McDonald's food would admit that Burger King is a worthy rival. But sometimes the price can be […]
Psychometric testing is a key part of the graduate recruitment process, so allow us to take you through what it takes to make it to the next stage. Credit: Stock Rocket – Shutterstock If you're currently applying for graduate jobs, you've probably come across the dreaded psychometric testing process. Designed to check out your credentials […]
If you’re applying for graduate jobs, you'll probably come across assessment centres at some point. Here's what to expect and how to pass an assessment day. Credit: Monkey Business Images – Shutterstock Usually held after the first round of interviews, assessment centres (also known as 'assessment days') often take place over the course of a […]
Job application forms are common when you're applying for work – especially graduate schemes – and this helpful guide includes everything you need to know about how to complete them. Credit: Dean Drobot (background), IIIerlok_xolms (top left) – Shutterstock If you're looking for a job as a student or graduate, it's time to meet your […]
Unsure if postgraduate study is right for you? Whether you're thinking about doing a master's or a PhD, this guide will talk you through the key things to consider. Credit: Flamingo Images – Shutterstock Not only are postgrad degrees brilliant opportunities to let you specialise in particular areas of research and study your chosen topic […]
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