EZ Pub Profits Monthly Guide Review – How ONE Niche Idea paid For Itself 10X Over
Have you ever had those days where you sit down at the computer, pumped to work on your business and get some new KDP books online and selling… Then you open up Amazon, go to the search bar and… Blank Out of ideas and stuck, you are just not sure what to research. I have […]
5 Factors To Look At When Doing KDP Research
How many times have you put up a book on Amazon KDP and sat back waiting for that sale to come? If you are into low content publishing, that number is probably pretty high. The issue though, is that the sale often does NOT come into your account and you are stuck wondering why and […]
How To Create Customized Puzzle Activity Books To Sell On KDP
It is no surprise that while everyone is stuck at home during this time that book sales across the board when it comes to low content books are down. Many of the books that we end up creating and selling are planners, log books, journals… all for specific hobbies and professions. It is hard to […]
Book Scout – The #1 Way To Grab Your Competitor’s Keyword Strategy
When doing your KDP research, you often run into books that have 10, 20, even 30+ reviews on them. These niches you run into look crowded, they sell well, but they are SO SIMPLE. Each book you run into has lined interiors, a simple cover, and a mediocre title. So you are left sitting there […]
How To Create Dot to Dot Puzzle Books For Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
17th March 2021
When it comes to low content books that we are able to create for Kindle Direct Publishing, there is one type that shines above the rest: Puzzle Books. But all low content books are not created equal! Sure, there are lots of journals and planners that sell well but you typically need hundreds if not […]
How to Run Amazon Ads for KDP – Low Content Book Ads in 2020
Kindle Direct Publishing has recently made a surge into a low/no content category and print on demand sellers are coming over and enjoying the work-flow, sales, and royalties that Amazon provides. The platform as a whole is still very unsaturated with many big niches open for the perfect low content book to rise to the […]
How To Grow Your Print on Demand Business by Adding A Book Revenue Stream
17th March 2021
The Print On Demand business is a huge part of the eCommerce industry, and it mainly revolves around clothing. If you are reading this, chances are that you have already put hundreds of hours of work into building your Print On Demand business, and since you have the resources (designs) you can use them by […]
KDP Categories – Get More Exposure For Your Books
17th March 2021
Having your books listed in the right categories on Amazon is very important to help you make the most sales possible. When you publish a book through KDP, you will notice that in the category selection section there are way fewer categories than what you will see while browsing through books on Amazon. This is […]
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