Psychometric testing is a key part of the graduate recruitment process, so allow us to take you through what it takes to make it to the next stage. Credit: Stock Rocket – Shutterstock If you're currently applying for graduate jobs, you've probably come across the dreaded psychometric testing process. Designed to check out your credentials […]
If you’re applying for graduate jobs, you'll probably come across assessment centres at some point. Here's what to expect and how to pass an assessment day. Credit: Monkey Business Images – Shutterstock Usually held after the first round of interviews, assessment centres (also known as 'assessment days') often take place over the course of a […]
Job application forms are common when you're applying for work – especially graduate schemes – and this helpful guide includes everything you need to know about how to complete them. Credit: Dean Drobot (background), IIIerlok_xolms (top left) – Shutterstock If you're looking for a job as a student or graduate, it's time to meet your […]
Unsure if postgraduate study is right for you? Whether you're thinking about doing a master's or a PhD, this guide will talk you through the key things to consider. Credit: Flamingo Images – Shutterstock Not only are postgrad degrees brilliant opportunities to let you specialise in particular areas of research and study your chosen topic […]
Unsure how to fund your postgraduate studies? Let's take a look at what your options are, from scholarships to employer funding. Credit: Ulmus Media, ADragan – Shutterstock If only all things in life were free. Unfortunately, just like your undergraduate degree, a postgraduate degree comes at a price in the form of tuition fees and […]
April 2021
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