June 2020 Niches & Holidays
17th June 2020
Date Holiday Category Tags Region MONJUN 1 Global Day of Parents Relationship Extended Family, Family, Love MONJUN 1 National Olive Day Food & Beverage Food, Fruit, Healthy Food MONJUN 1 Western Australia Day Cultural, International Cultural, Historical WEDJUN 3 Global Running Day Health Activities, Health, Lifestyle WEDJUN 3 National Egg Day Food & Beverage Breakfast, Cooking, Food, Health, Healthy Food WEDJUN 3 World Bicycle Day Health Activities, Environment, Fitness, Global, Health, Hobby, International […]
March 2020 Holidays and Events
8th February 2020
Here are some important upcoming events to prepare for if you are a niche hunter! March, 2020 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days: March 1 Namesake Day – first Sunday in March National Pig Day  Peace Corps Day Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day World Compliment Day March 2 Old Stuff Day March 3 Caregiver Appreciation Day I […]
The Best Graphic DesignsWebsite for Merch By Amazon / Etsy ? Print on Demand
6th February 2020
Are you looking to find the best place to find graphic designs for your website? here is my recommendation for you: Vexels What’s Vexels?  Vexels is the design stock where everyone can find whatever they need – whether you’re a Graphic Designer, a Merch-Seller or an Agency, we’ve got something for everybody. On Vexels you […]
How Much is Amazon Prime?
5th February 2020
Amazon Prime is a membership program that gives customers access to streaming video, music, e-books, free shipping and a variety of other Amazon-specific services and deals. Amazon Prime is a no-brainer for those heavily invested in the Amazon ecosystem. And if $99 per year seems like too much of a commitment, you can opt for […]
How to Run AMS Ads (Sponsored Products) and Amazon
4th February 2020
In order to run Amazon sponsored ads, you need an ams account. Before you start advertising, you should know the types of ads in Amazon, which includes as follows Sponsored Product Ads Sponsored Brand Ads Sponsored Display Ads You need to first define the objective of the campaign, basis that you can select the type […]
What is Amazon Ignite?
1st February 2020
buy and sell digital educational resources How Amazon is delivering digital educational resources to educators and parents across the U.S.By Day One Staffon November 12, 2019 Ask a teacher what they want most and there is a good chance they will answer, “more time.” In fact, a study revealed that teachers are spending up to seven hours […]
How to Make Money On Amazon KDP
15th December 2019
KDP is one of the best print on Demand businesses right now, you can make money very quickly especially because you have unlimited spots to fill and Amazon will show your books on Prime the minute they go live. These are the steps you need to take to start earining money: All you need to […]
What T-Shirts Colors Sell the most?
21st November 2019
Probably you are wondering what are the best t-shirt colors that are selling well, and without a question I am sure you know the first one which is the number one selling color on T-Shirts, the Black color, because any graphic print will look good on black especially the light texts and graphics and people […]
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