5 new graphic design trends for the new 2021
Graphic design is renewing constantly and with every change of year, we have the opportunity to renew the trends. Working with new styles or refresh old ones is always a chance to face new challenges. After the global situation in 2020 in 2021 everyone is willing to overcome last year’s styles and bring fresh air […]
5 web design trends for 2021
Following the design trends study that we opened with this post, we will go deeper and analyze 5 trends for specific applications of graphic design. Web design is a perfect place to start because it compiles a lot of design disciplines like logo design, typography, composition, illustration, and so on. The possibilities in styles and […]
Print-on-demand Merch Design Trends 2021
In the Print-on-demand industry, every year brings about a series of trends and styles that are well-recognized and represent selling opportunities for any and all kinds of POD sellers. Print-on-demand’s recent popularity also means that, other than the obvious Seasonal designs, there isn’t any sure way to predict what the newest hottest (or coolest) idea […]
5 logo design trends for 2021
In this post, we will keep analyzing the design trends for 2021, and we are going to center on the company logos. Check the other posts about design trends in 2021 for more inspiration. Recent Posts Extra 5 logo design trends for 2021 9 February, 2021 Print-on-demand Merch Design Trends 2021 4 February, 2021 5 […]
5 Tips to choose a poster template
In this post, we are going to analyze what to take into consideration when you choose a Poster template. Nowadays it’s easier than ever to design a good poster that achieves its goals without design skills. It doesn’t matter if it is a poster to announce a show, to attract customers, or a science poster […]
VEXELS LOGO MAKER | New design tool for 2021!
At Vexels, we are committed to being the best design partner for members of our community, catering our users needs with high quality tools. Wondering how to make a logo for your business?Make your brand look unique and sharp, using professional templates on this powerful tool to create high-quality business logos!After developing our first online […]
Merch Success Stories: Luiza Affonso, Brazilian Mercher
This is the first of a series of posts where we want to talk with our users and share their merch success stories. We want their experiences to work as an inspiration for beginners in the print on demand business and a mirror for those with a longer Merch journey. We’d like to show what […]
Choosing the Best Print-on-demand Platform – Vexels How to Merch #2
In our previous blog post about How to Merch we dipped our toes into the Print-on-demand business model and how to get started. This time we’ll take a look at some of the best Print-on-demand platforms, discussing their pros and cons in order to help you figure out which is the best option for you. […]
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